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Making Redundancies – How Long Should A Consultation Process Last?


Redundancy Consultation There are several stages to a redundancy dismissal to ensure that it is fair. If collective consultation rules apply because more than 20 or 100 employees are affected, then the consultation process must begin at least 30 days or 45 days before the first dismissal takes place. However, many SME’s are unlikely to [...]

Making Redundancies – How Long Should A Consultation Process Last?2023-11-17T13:11:27+00:00

Redundancy Dismissals – Getting It Right


An ACAS online survey of more than 2,000 British businesses during September 2020 asked about the likelihood of their organisations making redundancies between September and December. Over a third of businesses (37%) thought it likely. More surprisingly almost a quarter of businesses stated that they were unaware of their legal obligations to consult with affected [...]

Redundancy Dismissals – Getting It Right2020-11-15T19:02:29+00:00
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