Preparing for the Mediation – Doswell Law

Before the mediation takes place we will need to know some basic information about the issues and the facts in dispute. If possible, the parties should agree on a summary of the dispute and send it to us along with the key documents. It would also be helpful for each party to send us a short document setting out their private thoughts on the dispute and how it could be resolved. This can be sent to us on a confidential basis.

The mediation itself can take place at any venue of your choice, which could include:

  • Our offices in Ashford, Kent or at our meeting room in Maidstone.
  • At another neutral venue such as a hotel or conference rooms;
  • At one of the solicitor’s offices.

The minimum requirement is at least three meeting rooms, one of which will need to be big enough to accommodate all the parties for the joint session (group meeting).

Prepare for mediation in the right way.

If you would like to appoint us as your mediator or have any questions about anything relating to mediation please contact Henry Doswell on 01233 722942 or email us at