Employment Tribunal Representation

Doswell Law has extensive experience of representing individuals at employment tribunals from drafting your tribunal claim (Form ET1) through to preparing your case for a final hearing. We can represent you in every employment tribunal claim including unfair dismissal, constructive dismissal, wrongful dismissal, unlawful deductions from wages, breach of contract, discrimination, equal pay, whistleblowing, holiday pay, working time and in connection with TUPE (Transfer of Undertakings).

How can we help you?

We will always try to settle your claims but if this is not possible we have an excellent track record in winning claims. We will carefully advise you at every stage of the tribunal process and ensure that you always have a clear understanding of your rights including the value of your claim and the likely chances of winning at the employment tribunal. We will always take a robust approach when representing you at the employment tribunal.

We will always offer you a FREE, no-obligation telephone consultation followed by a reduced fixed fee meeting to give you comprehensive advice and support on your employment issues.

Employment tribunal representation is normally charged at our standard hourly rate. We always provide a clear estimate of our charges at the start of the case and keep you regularly updated on costs throughout.

Our charges for employment tribunal representation may be covered by legal expenses insurance (LEI). It can normally be found in your home contents insurance policy or car insurance policy or through your bank. We have considerable experience of dealing with legal expenses insurers on behalf of individuals and will aim to ensure that funding is in place at the earliest opportunity.

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