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If you have been subjected to discrimination at work then it is vital to obtain expert advice on this complex area of law from Doswell Law. We always take a sympathetic and sensitive approach when advising you as we understand that you may be very distressed about your situation and unsure about how to deal with it.

Protected Characteristics

Discrimination can manifest itself in many different forms and is unlawful if the reason for the treatment is sex or marital status, pregnancy or maternity leave, race or ethnic origin, age, disability, religion or belief, sexual orientation or gender reassignment. These are known as Protected Characteristics.

Unlawful Discrimination at Work

Unlawful discrimination arises if a person (not just an employee) is treated less favourably than another person because of one or more of these protected characteristics. A comparison can be made with a real person or a hypothetical one and may arise from being dismissed or some other issue such as harassment or victimisation.

There are various different types of discrimination claims including direct discrimination, indirect discrimination, harassment and victimisation. It is very important to identify the correct type of claim, which often requires a deep understanding of this area of law.

Steps to Make an Unlawful Discrimination at Work Claim

If you believe you have been subjected to unlawful discrimination you must make a claim to an employment tribunal within three months of the last act of discrimination. This is a strict legal deadline. You must also complete the ACAS pre-claim conciliation process before being allowed to submit your claim to an employment tribunal. It is therefore vital to obtain legal advice as soon as possible.

How can we help you?

We have extensive experience of handling discrimination claims and will focus on providing you with swift and comprehensive advice on your options no matter how complex they are. We have successfully represented numerous individuals who have suffered discrimination and will take the necessary steps to secure your rights.

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We can advise you either by telephone or at a face-to-face meeting at our offices. We also offer out of hours and weekend appointments to help you to obtain early advice and support.

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