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The Menopause – The Final Workplace Taboo?

Mishandling a menopausal worker could have serious implications for your business – Employers need to know the risks and the steps to take to avoid costly claims and disputes arising.  With a reported seven out of ten women in work in the UK being of menopausal age (the average age being 51), Employers need to [...]

The Menopause – The Final Workplace Taboo?2021-12-01T17:59:37+00:00

Flexible Working Beyond The Pandemic

Employers Take Care! Flexible Working Is Here To Stay And If Not Properly Handled Can Be A Source of Disputes. The Coronavirus pandemic has of course led to a significant amount of the workforce working from home. Employees have had to adjust their lives and adapt to allow more flexible working patterns to meet the [...]

Flexible Working Beyond The Pandemic2021-10-18T11:02:33+01:00

Care Homes – Are You Ready For Mandatory Covid Vaccination?

A BBC Radio Kent Interview With Henry Doswell. The government is on the verge of legislating for the mandatory vaccination of care home staff. However, there is likely to be a 16-week grace period before any enforcement. If you are a care home employer, you still have time to prepare…. Please take a few minutes [...]

Care Homes – Are You Ready For Mandatory Covid Vaccination?2021-11-22T16:14:31+00:00

The Potential Pitfalls Of Hybrid Working in 2021

Hybrid Working May Provide A Better Work/Life Balance For Employees But Employers Must Be Wary Of The Potential Pitfalls. With the latest news of a possible third wave and a good chance that the government will not be lifting all restrictions on social distancing on 21 June, many employers have already started to evaluate their [...]

The Potential Pitfalls Of Hybrid Working in 20212021-06-02T11:47:04+01:00

Homeworking – The Latest Position For Employers

Latest Position On Homeworking There have been numerous changes to the advice on working from home since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. As businesses start to fully re-open, many of these businesses are asking or even demanding that their staff return to the workplace, but is this correct? The latest position in England is [...]

Homeworking – The Latest Position For Employers2021-06-02T11:44:55+01:00

Covid-19 Vaccinations – The Key Employment Issues

The biggest vaccination program in the UK’s history began on 8 December 2020 when Margaret Keenan, aged 90, was vaccinated at University Hospital, Coventry, with a Covid-19 vaccine manufactured and developed by Pfizer and BioNTech. At the time of writing this blog, over 29 million people in the UK have received at least one dose [...]

Covid-19 Vaccinations – The Key Employment Issues2021-06-03T09:40:23+01:00

Redundancy Dismissals – Getting It Right

An ACAS online survey of more than 2,000 British businesses during September 2020 asked about the likelihood of their organisations making redundancies between September and December. Over a third of businesses (37%) thought it likely. More surprisingly almost a quarter of businesses stated that they were unaware of their legal obligations to consult with affected [...]

Redundancy Dismissals – Getting It Right2020-11-15T19:02:29+00:00

Working from home after Covid-19 – Key Points For Employers

Following the further relaxing of the government’s lockdown restrictions and with most businesses now permitted to re-open (subject to compliance with social distancing rules), it is important for employers to know their rights and to keep up to date with their obligations towards their employees, particularly those working from home during the continuing Covid-19 pandemic. [...]

Working from home after Covid-19 – Key Points For Employers2021-11-23T10:27:52+00:00

FAQs On Furlough Leave

Furlough Leave Due to the economic impact of Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, the government has introduced a new scheme, called the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme to help employers to pay for part of the wages of employees who are to be temporarily laid off or given what has now been called ‘furlough leave’. Under the scheme, [...]

FAQs On Furlough Leave2021-11-23T10:28:16+00:00

FAQs On Coronavirus – Guidance For Businesses And Their Employees

FAQs on Coronavirus Can I send an employee home who insists they are well but are displaying Coronavirus symptoms? There are two aspects at play here. Firstly, your duty to so far as is reasonably practicable to protect the health and safety of your staff. Secondly, whether you have an express right to require the [...]

FAQs On Coronavirus – Guidance For Businesses And Their Employees2021-11-22T13:06:29+00:00
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