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FAQs On Furlough Leave


Furlough Leave Due to the economic impact of Covid-19 (coronavirus) pandemic, the government has introduced a new scheme, called the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme to help employers to pay for part of the wages of employees who are to be temporarily laid off or given what has now been called ‘furlough leave’. Under the scheme, [...]

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FAQs On Coronavirus – Guidance For Businesses And Their Employees


FAQs on Coronavirus Can I send an employee home who insists they are well but are displaying Coronavirus symptoms? There are two aspects at play here. Firstly, your duty to so far as is reasonably practicable to protect the health and safety of your staff. Secondly, whether you have an express right to require the [...]

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Coronavirus – What Should I Do As An Employer?


Coronavirus - What Should I Do? According to the latest news reports Coronavirus or COVID-19 is very likely to spread widely in the UK as it has already done so in China, Iran and now Italy. At the time of writing this blog 79 people in Italy had died from the virus and all its [...]

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