A wrongful dismissal is a termination that results in a breach of a contract and includes breach of an employment contract, a directors’ service agreement, or a consultancy agreement. It is not to be confused with unfair dismissal, which involves assessing the fairness of the dismissal. In a wrongful dismissal the only question to assess is whether the contract has been breached and you have a claim for damages.

Examples of a wrongful dismissal claim include:

  • Breach of an express term such as a contractual notice period;
  • Breach of a contractual procedure or policy (e.g., a redundancy policy or disciplinary procedure);
  • Termination of a fixed-term contract before the agreed expiry date;
  • Breach of an implied term such as the implied term of mutual trust and confidence.

If you believe you have a wrongful dismissal claim, you can make a claim to an employment tribunal within three months of the date of your dismissal. This is a strict legal deadline. You must also complete the ACAS pre-claim conciliation process before being allowed to submit your claim to an employment tribunal. It is therefore vital to obtain legal advice as soon as possible.

You also have a right to bring a civil claim for wrongful dismissal, which must be issued within 6 years of the breach of contract. The recovery of damages in the employment tribunal is capped at a statutory maximum of £25,000. In a civil claim there is no limit on the amount of damages that can be recovered. You can also claim your legal costs if you win your civil claim. As a general rule costs are not normally awarded against a losing party in a tribunal claim.

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